If you go to your Pricing page, and choose one of the subscription plans, you will be redirected to the payment page for upgrading your account immediately using your credit card.

For example, if you choose annual Pro plan, the page you will be redirected to, will look like this:

The only thing left to do is to fill in you credit card information, click on the Upgrade button, and you will be upgraded at once. Don’t worry about your bank account’s security - PromoRepublic is connected to the Braintree electronic payment system, which is owned by PayPal, known as one of the safest in the world.

However, if you don't have a Visa/MasterCard credit card, or if for some reason you don't want to pay using your credit card, you can always write to support@promorepublic.com and ask us to send you the invoice via PayPal.

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