Use our Repost feature to easily reschedule already published posts!
There are two main ways to repost in PromoRepublic: via Statistics section and via the Calendar.

How to repost via Statistics section:

  1. Go to the Statistics section of the page where your post was posted on and find your post. 
  2. Click on the Repost button. 

     3.Choose the pages you'd like it to be published on and schedule it. 

Please note that if you want to repost a visual, created on PromoRepublic, you won't be able to edit the text nor the object on it. However, you can add any element available in the Graphics editor.  

How to repost via the Calendar:

  1. Go to the Calendar section
  2. In My Content tab find your published post
  3. Choose it and click on the Repost button

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