If, for any reason, you want to hand over your PromoRepublic account to another person, you can do it. For example, a team member, but please consider an essential nuance. 

Your PromoRepublic may include some Facebook pages already. If so, note that in this case, your PromoRepublic account already has a Facebook token. In other words, it is already associated with a specific Facebook personal profile. You can check this in the account settings as shown.

The associated Facebook personal profile must be authorized in the same browser at www.facebook.com to let the system continue posting to the connected business pages or groups.

As a result, it appears that in addition to your PromoRepublic account credentials, your virtual assistant (VA) should also know the login details of the attached Facebook profile too. But this is not compliant, and you might not want to do it.

That is why we suggest that you change the associated Facebook profile by disconnecting the current one. Click on the top right corner, select Settings, scroll down and find the red Disconnect Facebook button as shown above.

The best option would be to create a separate account for your assistant. By a team member account, we mean a separate standalone PromoRepublic account.

Depending on your subscription plan and the type of business solution (for example, franchise), it can be either activated manually on our end per your request that you can submit via this form, or it will be activated automatically by inviting your team member to a workspace.

If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected]

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