You can easily fill your HubSpot calendar with posts highlighting upcoming events such as holidays, hot trends and special occasions. These hand-made, eye-catching visuals will be delivered to your HubSpot account automatically on weekly basis, so you no longer need to worry about scheduling your posts ahead of time.

The purpose of this integration is to give HubSpot users access to our templates to to provide users with additional content without the need of having a stand alone PromoRepublic account.

To get started, click the button bellow and follow the 4 easy steps to integrate PromoRepublic into your HubSpot account:

Step 1: Authorization of your HubSpot account
You will see a pop-up window with login boxes. PromoRepublic will request access on behalf of your account. Once the authorization is complete, you need to choose a site, in this case, HubSpot CRM. You are able to connect more than one site. 

Step 2: Add pages
Choose the social media pages that are connected to your HubSpot account. Once selected, you will be able to see the scheduled post(s) in the Social section.

Social page in HubSpot:

The same page in the wizard of integration connection:

Step 3: Connect your email
Insert your email, to which you will receive confirmations on the templates that have been uploaded.

Step 4: Finalizing Integration
Now, you will be able to see the first group of templates uploaded. To check your templates, select the "Social" section in the "Publishing" tab in your "Scheduled" box.  

Congrats on integrating with HubSpot! A new package of templates is automatically uploaded to your account every Friday at 9am and scheduled to the chosen social pages according to the settings made.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach us at [email protected].

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