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Account Doesn’t Belong To This Facebook User
Account Doesn’t Belong To This Facebook User
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This error means that you are logged into the wrong Facebook personal profile at than the one that is associated with your PromoRepublic account.

When connecting a Facebook business page or a group, or an Instagram business page, there sets the connection between your Facebook profile and PromoRepublic account. This is called a token.

It means that a specific Facebook profile gets associated with your PromoRepublic account so that the system will recognize only this profile. Thus, when you are authorized in the wrong one at, you will get this error.

It is not possible to associate one PromoRepublic account with several Facebook profiles. When doing so, you might be prompted with a pop-up message that there is one attached already.

In case you don't know what Facebook profile is the host on your PromoRepublic account, navigate to the settings. Click on the top right-hand corner, select Settings, and scroll down to the bottom. There you'll see the profile name.

If this is a wrong profile and you want to connect to a different one, hit on the red Disconnect Facebook button and log out. Then authorize the necessary profile at, get back to PromoRepublic, and retry posting or connecting a page.

If this is the correct profile, then navigate to, log into the necessary profile and retry posting or connecting a page.

In case this doesn't help, please email us at [email protected].

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