Why Animated Posts are effective for your social media channels?

Animated Posts show a higher engagement rate compared to pictures and links. You can stand out in the social feed with such interactive and eye-catchy content. And it's so fun to watch!

With PromoRepublic you can post animated visuals to Facebook, Instagram Business, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Similar to the Post Ideas library, we created storage for GIFs. Find the Animated section in Post Ideas.

Or upload your own from the computer, creating a post from scratch or scheduling it to a certain Time Slot.  

In the post editor, choose the visual from your computer. 

Note that PromoRepublic doesn't support the .gif format for Instagram posting. Instead, we provide gifs in .mp4 format in Post Ideas, and they are marked with the Video label.

If you want to upload such an image to your PromoRepublic account, make sure that it is assigned the mp4 format; otherwise, the image won't be dynamic when uploaded.

Hope this guide was helpful!

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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