Why integrate PromoRepublic with Hootsuite?

The purpose of this integration is to provide Hootsuite users with an additional content source. With our templates, hand-picked by our team of professionals, it will be much easier to fill in your calendar. Eye-catching visuals based on US holidays, hot trends, special occasions and other well-known events will attract your audience.

How do I set up PromoRepublic and Hootsuite synchronization?

If you have a Hootsuite account and you want PromoRepublic to be added to your content sources, go to Hootsuite App Directory and find the PromoRepublic app in the search box:

OR you can use the direct link and install the application in seconds!

Once the app is installed, go Publisher (paper plane icon) to check it among other apps.


If you are already a PromoRepublic user when setting the integration, another PromoRepublic account will be created for Hootsuite app. Eventually, you will have two accounts: Account One - a stand-alone personal dashboard at promorepublic.com and Account Two - a separate one in PromoRepublic app inside Hootsuite. Each of these must be assigned different email addresses, because they are different entities.
It means that you cannot use the same email of your separate PromoRepublic account to access PromoRepublic app inside Hootsuite.

If you are a Hootsuite user and you do not have a stand-alone PromoRepublic account, you can use any email address you want even the same one that you use to access Hootsuite to sign up for PromoRepublic inside Hootsuite. 

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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