Most people consider affiliate programs because it's a win-win relationship, right? But there is still some criteria that you need to join. You need a website to promote our services and the key condition for it to be related to marketing. Otherwise potential customers of your product won't consider ours as a good fit for them.

There are no particular traffic requirements, but to start the cooperation on a good foot, this data should be provided.

Here are the advantages you will get being an associate:

  • Up to 30% per Sale (first and recurring sales within 1 year);
  • High-converting personalized landing pages;
  • Special conditions for top performers;
  • Dedicated affiliate manager to help you out;
  • Dashboard to keep track of your progress in live.

And much more!

As for the payouts, there are 3 tiers of the program:

TIER 1 - 20% Commission

Start by earning 20% recurring commission on every new customer.

TIER 2 - 25% Commission

Bring in 5 customers to increase your recurring commission to 25%.

TIER 3 - 30% Commission

Bring in 25 customers to increase your recurring commission to 30%.

To apply for the program, go to our landing page and fill out the form in the bottom.

Please note, your application will be processed within 2 business days.

If you require more information or you have some additional questions, you are welcome at [email protected] or [email protected].

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