The beauty of the automatic schedule is that you entrust your page to our proprietary AI tool that analyzes your page audience's peak engagement. Based on that, it suggests you the best time options and the most relevant types of content to be used for this audience. A Time Slot is a combination of these two features. This is what we call Autopilot.
To turn it on, just hit Activate Autopilot as pictured below.

Unlike Manual mode, you cannot change the time. You can only add or exclude some days of the week. 

When the Autopilot is activated, here is how the schedule looks like in your Calendar:

The advantage of this layout is that you don't need to remember the dates and plan a post to a particular time slot right away. Additionally, you are prompted on what type of content you should post.

There are two ways you can schedule posts in the Autopilot mode:

  • Hit on the Create and the New Post buttons on a specific day and schedule the piece of content for that day;
  • Create a post from any other section apart from Calendar and hit on the Add To Queue button. Thus, the post will then take the nearest available slot.

If you ever want to turn Autopilot off, click on Edit Content Plan button to activate manual mode.

To ensure you didn't do it by mistake, you will be prompted with the following pop-up message:

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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