To better understand the terminology we frequently use to refer to Smart Posting, such as, ‘Time Slots’, ‘Add to Queue’, ‘Timetable’ and ‘Autopilot’ - here is a brief but comprehensive explanation.

The Smart Posting is a tool that conveniently coordinates all your publishing activities on Social Media. It allows you to schedule content within the timetable you initially set up.

Within each timetable, there are two modes that can be assigned to your particular page: manual and automatic.

These modes operate with 'Time Slots'.

Time Slots are slots for posts with a defined time and category. Basically, these are the time options for you to choose so posts are published accordingly. Once time slots are arranged in a particular order, your schedule is complete.

Time slots are divided into categories based on the types of content suggestions per your weekly content plan. 

  • Promotional
  • Engaging
  • Educational
  • Motivational&Fun
  • Article

By setting time slots manually or automatically you choose the mode for your Smart Posting schedule: manual or automatic.

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