If you wish to activate the manual mode choose a specific page within the connected ones, click on the wheel beside the name of the necessary page or Time Slot Settings.

Then hit Edit Content Plan as shown below.

Next you'll see the schedule with some slots listed already.

To customize the scheme, click on any Add Slot button and you'll get directed to the time slots settings, where you can choose:

  • Quantity of days: either 7 or just one; 

  • Types of content to post on a particular day; 

  • How many posts to publish on the selected days;

  • Accurate time in each time slot.

In Content type and Time to post drop down menu you can choose the type of content and time of a certain slot.

Duplicating this slot to other days means that, for example, Motivational&Fun piece of content is planned on 12:00 am on the days chosen.

If you wish to clear the slots, there is an appropriate button, but please note that you need to have at least one slot turned on, otherwise you won't be able to save the schedule empty - the button will be grayed out.

Once you finished tuning the timetable, it will be shown in the Calendar.

In order to schedule a post to this pre-set queue, click on Add to Queue when the post is ready. Then it will take the nearest available slot.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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