In order to add a client to the workspace, click on the plus icon in the Connected Pages and Teammates section.

Insert your client's email in the appropriate box, assign Client role and hit Add. 

Please note that the total number of the workspace participants regardless of their role is 5 in total. It means that you, as the workspace owner, can add 4 participants. 

We highly recommend filling your client’s Calendar with content before inviting them to the platform. It will give you a chance to impress them how easy it is to join and approve their monthly content plan!

There are 2 important factors to note when inviting clients to a workspace:

  • If your client is a PromoRepublic user, type in your client's email in the appropriate field, click Add and it will immediately appear in the teammates list. 

  • If your client is NOT a PromoRepublic user, type in their email in the appropriate field, click Add. Your client will receive a sign-up email. Their status in the workspace will be Pending until they sign up. Here is an invitation example:

You can disconnect or add more collaborators anytime. Just note that if you disconnect a teammate, they won't be able to manage their pages in PromoRepublic both as an Agency Client and PromoRepublic user. To resume posting, please contact our Customer Support Service.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your Success Manager or Support team at [email protected].

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