Users with the Client role in the location see a limited platform's interface. In particular, they can't view and use:

  • Post Ideas Library

  • Upcoming Events in the Calendar

  • Time Slots settings

  • Graphics Editor

  • Services

  • Pricing

  • PromoRepublic Support Chat

Instead, they can:

  • See Calendar, Analytics, Statistics, Inbox

  • Add or disconnect pages

  • See other participants of the location, but they can't invite or disconnect other teammates

  • Schedule posts and re-post them

  • Boost posts

  • Make basic edits in the location

When they have a suggested post for approval, upon clicking the Edit button, it'll open the post editor, where they can:

  • Change the time and date

  • Delete the image

  • Upload another one from the computer

  • Edit or delete the caption

  • Boost the post

  • Or remove it


Here are the types of emails that your clients receive from PromoRepublic:

  • Invitation email to create an account and join the team.

In case they don't receive it, we suggest checking the mailbox for an email to activate the address. If the issue persists, you can resend the invitation in the location settings.

  • Alert email to let them know that a post wasn't approved at the suggested time.

We hope this was helpful!

If you have any additional questions, please contact your Success Manager or Support team at [email protected].

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