Users with the Client role, who were added to the workspace, see a limited dashboard interface. In particular, they can't view and use:

  • Post Ideas Library;

  • Upcoming Events in the Calendar;

  • Time Slots settings;

  • Graphics Editor (in the top bar as a section, but it is available for post editing);

  • Services;

  • Pricing;

  • PromoRepublic Support Chat.

Here is the interface of how clients see the workspace settings:

If the client wants to make some minor changes in the suggested post for approval, he/she can click on the Edit Post button being redirected to the Editor afterwards. Also, note that the Ideas section won't be shown.


Here are the types of emails that your clients receive from PromoRepublic:

  • Invitation email to create an account (sent only once);

  • Alert-email to let them know that a post wasn't approved at the suggested time.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your Success Manager or Support team at [email protected].

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