So, you have published a post to your Instagram page and you can locate it in the feed, but why do you see its copy in the Calendar? In fact, there are two identical pieces of content and both of them are marked as published. Why did that happen?

As you might know, first you schedule a post on your desktop, next you get a notification on your phone and then you send it to your Instagram feed.

The reason of duplicated posts in the calendar is that technical time of publishing does not correspond to factual time. Basically, if there is a delay between actual post publishing in the PromoRepublic mobile app and the moment you are notified about the post.

For example, on your desktop you scheduled a post to go live at 16:30. When the time comes, you receive a notification to your cell phone.

At this moment a delay on the part of the user may take place. In other words, some time will pass for you to see the notification, follow the necessary steps to publish the post, for example 30 minutes. So, factually the post will be published at 17:00.

Therefore, the 16:30 post stays in the calendar being assigned the status Published. A post is considered as such when user receives a notification, clicks the Publish button and doesn't complete the whole process. Basically, PromoRepublic app cannot track user's further actions.

During a regular 24 hour update, system locates the 17:00 post and identifies it as a separate post that needs to be "downloaded". So this data is pulled in and displayed in your Calendar.  This is why you see two identical pieces of content in the Calendar published at different time.

We have already acknowledged this cosmetic imperfection, so are looking into resolving this for you.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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