Do you want to lead traffic from your social media directly to your business website? It's easy! Just add a hyperlink to the post. 

Unlike it works with other social platforms, once you select Pinterest, an additional field emerges under the text box. 

It is here where you insert the URL. 

Once the post is published, it will look this way on the board: the image on the left, the website description, and the URL on the right.

If you hover over on the visual, the website name will be there, clicking on which will direct you to the link destination.


If you include a URL in the text box and leave the lower one empty, your post will be published without the link and the caption at all.

Also, please note that it is not possible to post shortened links to Pinterest either via PromoRepublic or directly because Pinterest prohibits any URL shortening service. 

If you include such a link, your post will be marked red in the Calendar.

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