Now, it will be a lot easier to present digestible reports about your clients' social media performance based on the essential metrics. You will be able to monitor which of them have increased or decreased in any given period.

Here are the metrics we highlight, but depending on the social platform which page you selected, some metrics won't be presented.

Audience Insights - Organic likes, Paid likes, Unlikes, Net New Likes
Reach - Paid and Organic
Engagement - Likes, Comments, Shares
Posts published - Link, Video, Photo
Average number of Posts Per Day
Day when Most Posts were Sent

Top Posts published - Reach - Total, Reach - Organic, Reach - Paid, Likes, Shares, Comments, Efficiency

How does it work?

Find the Analytics button in the top bar and select Reporting. 

Note that the report information is displayed per page, but not for all the connected pages. Choose the page, which data you need, and, momentarily, you will see the numbers on the right.

Next, choose the period of time that your client requires it for:

  • Custom
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 3 months

What do the numbers mean?

In the upper part the numbers get divided in 5 sections (for Facebook):

  • Total Likes
  • Total Reach
  • Total Engagement
  • Total Actions
  • Total Posts Published

Scroll down to see the detailed overview of the presented data.

IMPORTANT: Numbers of the given period are compared to the numbers of the same previous period evaluated in percents.

For example, if you select the Last 7 days option, percentage to the right will mean data of the previous 7 days. 

For Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest you will see such metrics as Total Followers, Total Engagement, Total Posts published.
For LinkedIn - Total Followers, Total Reach, Total Engagement, Total Posts published.

Reporting for Google My Business locations is not supported. 

Export and download

In order to export the report, click on the appropriate button in the right corner. 

To download the file, hit Save as PDF in the printing settings window.

The Reporting feature is available for Agency Collaboration Platform users only.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager or Support team at [email protected].

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