What is an Animated Post? 

It is a moving visual in GIF format. GIFs are one of the most viral and popular content types at social media networks. Of course, PromoRepublic provides such interactive images.

For now, Animated Posts are not editable. However, we’ve created them to fit perfectly into every social media feed and to look great on desktop and mobile.

How to download PromoRepublic GIFs?

In order to download an animated image, find it either in the Calendar, My Ideas or in the Post Ideas library. Then hover over the picture and click on this tiny icon and voila! - the content is on your computer.

How to use your own Animated Posts?

You can also publish your own GIFs with PromoRepublic. In order to do it:

  • Click on the Create Post button or a Time Slot

  • Choose Upload Photo/GIF/Video to upload your Animated Post

  • Schedule it to your social media pages or post them right away 

There is a size restriction, though. Your Animated Post should be no bigger than 15 MB and minimum dimension 600x600px. 

What Social Networks support Animated Posts?

You can post animation to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Unfortunately, Instagram and Google My Business don't support GIF format. As for LinkedIn, this option isn't supported by PromoRepublic.

Why Animated Posts are effective for your social media channels?

Animated Posts show a higher engagement rate compared to the pictures and links. You can definitely stand out in the social feed with such interactive and eye-catchy content. And it's so fun to watch! 

For any additional questions, reach out to your Success Manager or our Customer Service at [email protected]

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