You can save posts as drafts before making them visible to clients in your workspace. Even though you do this in the calendar, a draft post won't be published.

How does it work?

To draft a post, first, you have to create it. You can start the post creation the way you prefer, for example, with the Create Post button at the top. Once the visual and the caption are ready click on the Save As Draft button in the Post Editor.

Next, you'll be prompted to select a date and time, but, be sure, it will be neither published nor visible to users with the Client role.

The post will be marked yellow in the calendar.

You can edit and reschedule a draft just like a regular post.

Choose the necessary action in the post editor when corrections are made.

Users with the Client role in the workspace don't see draft posts and comments to them. Also, clients will not receive any notifications about activities on these posts. 

Users with the Admin and Member roles will receive notifications about all actions on drafts the same way as it works for regular post commenting.

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