We have created an easy to understand step-by-step guide to help you save time and create efficient Facebook Ads using PromoRepublic Templates.

How to set up an ad using the PromoRepublic Template?

1. Export your Template into your Ad Manager Asset Library as instructed here

3. Start creating your Ad. But first, choose the Marketing Objective:

  • Brand Awareness - Reach people, who are more likely to pay attention to your ads and increase awareness for your brand.

  • Reach - Show your ad to the maximum number of people.

  • Traffic - Send more people to a destination on or off Facebook, such as a website, app or Messenger conversation.

  • Engagement - Get more people to see and engage with your post or Page. Engagement can include comments, shares, likes, event responses and offer claims.

  • App Installs - Send people to the app store where they can download your app. 

  • Lead Generation - Collect lead information from people interested in your business.

  • Messages - Get more people to have conversations with your business on Messenger or WhatsApp to complete purchases, answer questions or offer support.

  • Conversions - Get people to take valuable actions on your website, app or in Messenger, such as adding payment info or making a purchase.

Select a marketing objective that corresponds to your business goals. Type in the name of your campaign and click Continue.

Let’s say you want to grow your followers on Facebook, then you would want to choose Engagement and Page Likes Campaigns. 

4. Start to set up your Ad Set

4.1. Choose the Facebook Page, which represents your business. Please note:

  • If you want to run ads taking people to your website, you will still have to choose the corresponding Facebook business page.

  • If you want to run ads on Instagram, you still have to choose the corresponding Facebook business page, linked to the relevant Instagram account. 

4.2. After you chose a business page, describe your target audience. Add location, age, gender, add some detailed targeting options if necessary.

4.3. Choose placements, or in other words, platforms where you want your ad to appear. 

  • Choose the Automatic Placements option if you want your ad to be shown on each and every Facebook-owned platform. 

  • Choose Edit Placements and switch off the platforms that you don’t want to be used for your promotion.

For several campaigns, the Placements option is not available. For example, for a Page Likes campaign, your choice is predefined - you can choose only the Facebook feed. 

4.4. Choose Budget and Schedule

You can define a daily budget or the budget for the whole campaign and you can make your ad run continuously or decide a predefined start and end time. 

5. After you are all set up, click on the Continue button. 

Don’t worry: you can always go back and make some changes on each and every step of Ad Set creation. 

6. Choose the format of your ad. 

If you are creating a Page Likes campaign, you will have only one option:

To use the imported PromoRepublic Template in your Ad, scroll down and click Browse Library.

Choose your imported PromoRepublic Image and click Continue.

What if you are creating an ad with another objective goal? How can you use PromoRepublic Template in this case? Easy!

Choose the Single Image or Video option and then go to Browse Library.

If you have imported several templates from PromoRepublic, they all will be stored in your Ad Manager Asset Library. Therefore, you can choose one of them to use in your Ad, or use several templates at once, if necessary. Like this:

7. Continue creating your ad. 

Write compelling text to explain to people what exactly you are promoting. You can also see a preview of your ad on the right side of the screen.

8. Click Finish. After your Ad is reviewed by Facebook, it will go live.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly or our support team at [email protected]

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