There are two ways your teammates and VAs can utilize their accounts.

Clicking on your profile picture (or camera icon if there is no photo) in the top right corner, you will see a drop-down menu where you will find Unassigned Pages and Locations (if any are created).

Unassigned Pages is a space where you store social pages that are not assigned to any location.

Location is a space to store pages too. It can be compared to a folder that you create on the computer. Per your permission, other people can access the location.

To invite a team member to the location, navigate to the location settings and use their account email as guided in this tutorial. Once invited, the teammate will have access to the pages that are connected to the location. Pages can be added either by you or by your teammate, depending on their role.

It is not only pages that can be shared in a location but also your favourite images and ready-to-go templates. These are found in the My Ideas section in each of your PromoRepublic accounts. Note that these two features are not included in all our packages.

If case the location feature is not included in your subscription plan, the only way you can collaborate with your assistant is Unassigned Pages.

Pages in this section can't be shared with another user. It means that your teammate will not see the pages that you added to Unassigned Pages in your Promorepublic account. So both of you must connect the same social pages to each of your PromoRepublic accounts.

Regardless of which mode you will choose to collaborate, when it comes to connecting Facebook or Instagram business pages, they must have the admin role there. 

To request a team member account be activated, do this as explained here.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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