Manage multiple clients and locations on Social even faster! Get a quick overview of performance and activity in all social pages connected to workspaces - all within one dashboard. 

How does it work?

Click on Dashboard in the top bar menu on the left, hit 'back' and you'll see the list of workspaces that you participate in.

Besides just the list, here you can get a quick overview of the posting activity, the number of pages, participants. The posting activity can be presented weekly or monthly. Also, you can invite members and create another workspace.

Suppose you have more than 30 workspaces on the list and it might be not very easy to find the necessary one. For that Filters are at your service!

Clicking on Filter will open a drop-down list of countries, cities and tags from your Workspaces list.

❗️IMPORTANT: Location Filters are available for Workspaces with Active Location Settings only. Check here on how to activate location setting for Workspace

If there are pages from a few countries in one Workspace, the desired Workspace will be displayed if at least one of the countries is selected.

If there are no Workspaces with active location settings in your Workspaces list, the drop-down menu will not be available.

What data is displayed?

Highlights. Once you click on the desired workspace, you'll see the essential metrics of social media performance on each of the connected pages to the selected Workspace:

  • Total Number of Followers;

  • Reach - The number of times any content from the page was displayed on the user's screen (available for Facebook pages and LinkedIn Companies). Numbers of the given period are compared to the numbers of the previous period;

  • Engagement - The number of times people took positive action on your Page (likes, shares, comments). The numbers of the given period are compared to the numbers of the previous period.

When you hover over each block of the page, you can see the link to the page on social, link to the Calendar and Reports. There is no Report link for LinkedIn profiles and Google Business Profile locations.

How can I see the detailed information about the Page Performance?

To see the detailed insights tap on the blue appropriate button. The statistics on page performance are divided into two blocks: 

  • Social Media Performance shows the data for a set period in the past;

  • Schedule Status shows the planned activities for the page.

Social Media Performance

In this section, you can see a comparison of the numbers of new followers, engagement, and reach for the current week or month and the one before. The number of Posts Published and Failed to Approve posts are also displayed here. Not approved posts are the posts that were not approved on time.

When you connect the page for the first time, you will only see the total numbers. The rest of the data will be uploaded later because the system requires time to accumulate data in order to show you the performance progress.

Schedule Status

In this section, you can see the number of Posts Waiting for Approval and Scheduled Posts:

  • Pending Approval are posts that haven't been approved yet;

  • Posts Scheduled are all the other posts, excluding Posts Waiting for Approval and drafts.


At the bottom of the dashboard, you will find two sections where you can modify your pages and members' permissions. This can help you improve workspace efficiency. 


If you haven't created a workspace and/or haven't connected pages yet, you won't see the workspace performance. Check this article to learn how you can create a workspace or watch this tutorial.

Statistics are not available for Google Business Profile locations, but still, you will see the pages in the dashboard.

The Workspace Dashboard feature is available only for admins with Agency Plans.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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