To edit a scheduled post, find it in the Calendar and click on it. There you will see the Edit button, go ahead and hit it.

It'll be opened in the post editor form where you can choose to:

  • Edit the image;

  • Change the day and time;

  • Save or download the visual;

  • Remove or publish the post straight away;

  • Add this post to queue;

  • For Instagram Business, you can add the first comment.

But unfortunately, there is no way to add other social pages to this post; that is, there will be no page selection on the top, as shown below. Instead, you can duplicate the post.

Also, note another scenario. At the stage of scheduling the post you chose several pages, and now you decided to correct it. The changes will only be applied to one page but not to all of the selected pages. So you'll have to open the rest of the pages on the left in the calendar, find the necessary post and repeat the edits.

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