As a registered user, you can check our current packages in your PromoRepublic account. Click on the top right corner and select Pricing in the drop down menu.

Also you can find this information on our website, and see what features are included in each plan. 

Start studying our pricing with smaller packages by clicking an appropriate button.

Smaller plans are Solo and Standard.


With Solo package you get:

  • no limit for posting and downloads;
  • posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram;
  • 3 different social pages to add*.

This plan is billed annually only, so it is not available for monthly subscription. If you tend to this option, be ready to pay $108 in advance for one year period access.


With Standard package you get:

  • no limit for posting and downloads;
  • posting to Pinterest and Google My Business on top of the mentioned above;
  • 10 different social pages to add*;
  • 1 Team Member account;
  • Time Slots;
  • Workspaces.

*Combination of the pages differ - either all 3 or 10 of them are Facebook or Instagram etc.

Unlike Solo, this package is available for monthly and annually subscription: $49 and $468 accordingly. Please note that the latter contains 20% discount off $588 if you choose to pay every month.

If you are a freelancer or an agency, you might be interested in our special solution to collaborate with your clients and team members. Switch to larger packages, such as Professional and Advanced.


With Professional plan you will get:

  • 30 social pages to add;
  • 15 additional accounts for Team Members or Clients;
  • Workspaces;
  • Collaboration & Approval Flow;
  • Advanced Reporting;

And much more!


The key difference of this plan from Professional package is that you get the Platform on your domain and the interface is branded for you.

If you are interested in Content Bundle or Social Monitoring, hit 'Request Now' button so we can analyze your social pages, website, industry you work in. This audit is crucial to make sure that our platform is a good fit for your business.

If you have any questions on the Plans or Features, you can email us at [email protected].

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