In our Post Ideas library, we cover 19 business industries, such as Marketing, Retail, Sport&Fitness, etc. In case you don't find yours on the list, we can create content specifically for your business that will stand out on social.

What is Content Bundle?

Content Bundle is a set of 20 unique, editable, and reusable designs that speak your brand’s voice. The templates include all content types such as Promotional, Educational, Engaging, Motivational, and Fun, including one GIF.

Our goal is to create content that reflects the unique value of your products or services. Our team researches and analyzes the business to pick out what makes you so unique. By understanding why you're so great, we'll create original visuals.

For this, your personal Success Manager will ask you to share your preferences as well as brand assets such as colors, fonts, logos, etc.

After that, our designers and copywriters will create the first 5 samples for your approval. If you decide that it is something that meets your needs, we'll deliver the other 15 pieces of content to the My Ideas section.

If you're interested in this service, please send a request at [email protected]. We'll ask you to share your social media pages and a website link. In addition, feel free to describe in a couple of words what idea is to be expressed via the content. For example, if you're a marketing agency, please specify if you need Content Bundle to promote your agency or your client's business. This information will help us understand if we can cover your needs.

In case you have any other questions, please address them to our Customer Support representatives at the given email.

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