According to Facebook's security policy for third-party services like PromoRepublic, the group token (our permission to post to your groups) is valid for 3 months. It expires every 90 days on regular basis. It is possible to refresh the token in advance. We remind about this in two ways. First, we send emails about the token expiration.

In addition, when the time comes you can see a pop-up window with the Reconnect button.

We strongly suggest doing that because if you don't update it on time, you'll end up having your scheduled posts failed and marked red in the Calendar.

If you see such an email, clicking on the blue Reconnect the page button will redirect you to PromoRepublic. In order to reset the token follow the instructions below. In case you missed such a pop-up or the email the process is the same. Apply the following steps strictly in the order listed.

1. In PromoRepublic click on the top right corner, tap Settings. At the bottom, you'll see the red Disconnect Facebook button. Hit on it.

If it is not clickable create a password in the Change Password section as shown. Then the button will be clickable.

​2. Re-log into your PromoRepublic account: sign out and log in back.

3. Do a test post instead of reposting a failed one. There will be a pop-up window asking you to authorize SocialPost. Click Continue as [your Facebook profile name] and follow the rest of the steps.

​​Once the group is reconnected, you'll be asked to give additional permission as explained here. Feel free to skip this step and close because this is not the first time you're connecting this group unless you deleted the SocialPost app from the group settings.

Here is a video tutorial to demonstrate all this process.

Note that you will have to repeat this process in 3 months.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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