According to Facebook security requirements, the group token (our permission to post to your groups) is valid for 3 months. Every 90 days on regular basis it expires. So if you haven't updated it on time, you'll end up having your scheduled posts failed and marked red in the Calendar.

In order to reconnect your group(s), apply the following steps strictly in the order as listed.

1. In PromoRepublic click on the top right corner, scroll down to Settings. At the bottom, you'll see the red Disconnect Facebook button. Hit on it.

If it is not clickable create a password in the Change Password section as shown. Then the button will be clickable after you this.

​2. Re-log into your PromoRepublic account: sign out and log in back.

3. Make a new test post and Publish it Now. You can delete it afterward if you want.

With this action, you'll trigger a pop-up window asking you to authorize SocialPost. This way you'll set a new token. Click Continue as [your name] and hit OK.

​​Once the group is reconnected, you'll be asked to give additional permission as explained here. Just to make sure that SocialPost is in the settings of this group hit on Authorize PromoRepublic.

Most probably the app will be there, so then just hit Close in PromoRepublic.

To reiterate, this whole process is a way you 'refresh' or update your permission given to us so that we could post to your groups on your behalf. Having done this, the future scheduled posts will be posted flawlessly (till 3 months expire), but as for the unsuccessful ones, reschedule them manually.

Here is a video tutorial to demonstrate all this process.

Note that you will have to repeat this process in 3 months.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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