When you want to gain traffic, the content used in the posts is not the only key component. Getting the right number of hits and clicks is what matters because

if your audience doesn’t click on your post, your efforts become useless.

Long URLs look clumsy, and therefore they bounce even before clicking the link. With the help of PromoRepublic link shortener, your posts will get a higher chance of being clicked. Our link shortener functionality will create a unique and nice-looking URL to make your posts easy to read.

PromoRepublic uses the rpb.li link shortener to reduce the link. It is available in the post editor modal for all PromoRepublic customers.

How does it work?

  1. In the post editor where you're creating the post, insert the necessary URL in the text box along with the caption.

  2. Tap on the link, and you'll see the option to reduce it below.

  3. Once shortened, the link preview will contain the rpb.li label.

If you want to see the original link (the long one) tapping on it will show it as well as two other options such as Unshorten and Open link. Clicking the latter will open the website in a separate tab.

In case you want to unshorten the link note that you can do it only while creating the post, later it won't be possible (when the post is scheduled, for example).

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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