In order to connect another Instagram page to PromoRepublic, log into this Instagram account at in the same browser on your computer.

But what should you do if this Instagram account isn't assigned separate login credentials?

As you may remember, when creating a new Instagram account, you were given a choice on how to log into this new account: via your existing one or with a separate password.

With the first option your accounts will stay separate but share the same login.

In this case you can't log into this new account at on your computer. Don't worry, we know how to fix it!

1. On your phone in your existing Instagram account click on the top right corner;

2. Hit on Settings in the bottom;

3. Deselect an account that you want to create a password for;

4. Then hit Remove to confirm the action;

5. Create the password;

6. And this is it! Go to on your computer, log in with the user name and the newly created password.

After this you'll be able to connect this page to PromoRepublic.

Note that still you can switch between your Instagram accounts in the app.

When approving a post in PromoRepublic app don't forget to switch to the necessary account in the Instagram app on your phone.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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