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Feature Overview

Online reputation management has a huge influence on your sales. Why? Your company’s website often isn’t the first place where customers interact with your brand. The real front door is the first page of search results, rankings, etc. This is where customers get unfiltered snapshots and uncensored opinions about your brand from others. That’s why online reputation management has become a priority for local businesses of all sizes.

One of the reputation management components is responding to online reviews. Who is looking at your online reviews? Nearly everyone. Everyone, from prospective customers to future employees and business partners, looks at online reviews before engaging with your business. Whether they’re positive or negative, it is essential to respond to reviews immediately, showing consumers that you appreciate their feedback.

In PromoRepublic, you can process Facebook and Google Business Profile reviews. As a franchisor, you can oversee reviews, ratings, and Q&As from one dashboard. You can give your franchisees a tool to do it on a higher level. It is called Reputation Manager under the Reputation section.

In this section, the franchisor can see the reviews in their main account for all locations where they are owners or participants. On the left, you can see the number of Facebook and Google Business Profile pages which data is represented on the right side. There are three columns:

  • The short review summary (person's name and the verdict).

  • The location name on which the page is contained and the feedback is shared.

  • The review text

How does it work?

Before you dive into the review process, first, you might want to:

  • Set the period

  • Sort reviews by default, reviewed first, unreviewed first

  • Filter by sources and rating

  • Export

You can find these appropriate buttons at the top right-hand corner of the platform's interface.

Setting the period for which you want the data select 7 days, 30 days, 3 months or set the custom date range.

Sort the reviews by:

  • Default - means that the filtered conversation will appear chronologically from newest to oldest.

  • Reviewed first - means that the conversations will appear in chronological order, but reviewed dialogues will be first, and the unreviewed will follow.

  • Unreviewed first - means that the conversations that were not answered or manually reviewed will appear first, from newest to oldest. The reviewed conversations will follow.

Filter the reviews by:

  • The social page (Facebook or Google Business Profile).

  • Rating, such as positive reviews, negative reviews, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1-star reviews.


It is possible to see all Facebook reviews, positive and negative. To see only Facebook reviews, tick Facebook in the filter section, as shown above. Here are the options on what you can do with the information presented.

You have two options to reply: clicking the Reply button to the right or 'Show thread'. Clicking it will open the message in a separate window.

Writing replies manually might take a lot of time, especially when they are typical. To save you time and make it more convenient for you, you can save replies and use them whenever you need to respond to a review.

To learn more about how to create, use and manage saved replies we encourage you to navigate to this article.

To see the review and the response on the social page, tap that small arrow to the right.

Finally, tap the tick to mark the thread as processed.

Google Business Profile

As shown above, select the appropriate filter to see only Google Business Profile reviews. The functionality and the flow don't differ much for processing Google Business Profile reviews for only one nuance.

Publishing a new reply means that the previous one will be deleted with no revert option. Meaning the review will have the last response only, the date it was published. It is mentioned in the platform's interface when you intend to reply.

Once you have applied the filter, it is recommended to use the sorting functions such as by default, reviewed first, unreviewed first.

It also helps to sort communication by freshness and on a reviewed or unreviewed basis.

You may want to answer negative reviews first to manage customer requests and compliance efficiently. Answering complaints in the first two hours increases the probability to two-thirds that unsatisfied customers will delete the review.

To learn more about how to respond to questions that users write on your Google Business Profile page, please refer to this article.

We hope this was helpful.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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