There are two main navigation buttons in the Calendar:

You can switch between the two tabs anytime. 

My Content

Once you`ve either scheduled or published or added a post to queue, it can be found in My Content tab of your Calendar. Every post will appear according to the date. 

If you have several posts allotted for one day, the published one will go to the bottom of this day in the Calendar. And the next one to be published will appear at the top. 

Upcoming Events

With Upcoming Events tab you`ll be able to see PromoRepublic's post ideas based on the context of the day. Some of them contain a visual, but some are purely ideas, though with our Editor you can create an appropriate template the way you feel!

Please note that the posts in the Upcoming Events tab that appear in your calendar are our suggestions. None of them will be automatically posted unless you schedule them.

If you have any further questions please contact us in-app or at [email protected].

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