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How do I sign up for a trial?

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Registering an account in PromoRepublic is easy and free to start. No credit card is required upon the sign-up! You will only be prompted to purchase if you choose to continue with us beyond the trial period. 

To sign up, follow this short guide so we can get you started in no time.

1. Go to our home page and click on Sign in.

2. On the sign-up page, you'll be prompted to fill in the information about your business, as pictured below. Please note that on this step, you agree with our Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy.

As you noticed, there are two ways to sign up: with either Facebook or Email. If you choose Facebook, we will use the email of your Facebook Account to register an account in PromoRepublic, so pay attention to what Facebook profile is authorized in the browser at that moment.
IMPORTANT: After you have registered an account with an email and password, if you log in with Facebook, then a separate account will be created automatically. Thus, you'll have two accounts in PromoRepublic. If this is your case, send a message our way and we'll help you out.

Once you complete the setup, a free 14-day trial starts, during which you will have access to most of the platform's functionality:

  1. 3 social pages to connect;

  2. No limit on how many posts to publish, schedule, and download;

When 14 days are over, your access will expire, and you will not be charged automatically because you didn't leave your payment credentials at the beginning.

If you want to subscribe, head over to this guide to help you. If you make a purchase earlier than 14 days expire, we will consider that you have tested the platform and don't need the free trial further. Thus, we won't grant a refund.

Happy Posting!

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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