To make the collaboration flow easier for teams, we offer the ability to comment on the posts inside the platform. For example, your client can leave a note on what to change in it, etc.

Whether this is an already published or scheduled post, tap it and it'll open up in a bigger view. You can leave a comment on the right side.

In the Calendar, such posts will be marked by the appropriate tiny sign as highlighted below.

You can comment on such posts as "Scheduled," "Published," "Proposed for Approval," or "Not approved" (not published). If the post with comments was rescheduled or recycled, comments will still be there.

You can't comment on a post that was published directly to the social platform (not through PromoRepublic). There will be a message on the top.

Comments can contain text, links or emojis.

Who can create and manage comments?

All workspace roles (Admin, Member, Client) can create comments on all posts created within PromoRepublic’s Platform. You will be able to see the author of a comment and the time when it was created.

Comments can be deleted or resolved by the author (own comments only) or an admin (own and all other comments). To resolve a comment, hover over it and put a tick. To delete a comment, click on the trash icon.

This feature is not available on some of our subscription plans.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to reach out to our team at [email protected]

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