Owner, clients, and admins can add pages to the workspace. How should you start? It's pretty simple!

  1. Go to the workspace settings and find the Connect More Pages button at the bottom.

     2. Once clicked, you will be prompted with the social platforms to connect:

  • Facebook (business pages and groups);

  • Twitter;

  • Instagram (personal and business);

  • LinkedIn (personal profile and business pages);

  • Pinterest boards;

  • Google Business Profile locations.

3. Сlicking any one of these will trigger a permission pop-up. Once permission is granted there will emerge a list of your pages (pages that you manage, pages where you are an admin). Choose the necessary one and it will be added to the workspace instantly.

Good! Now you see the page listed in the workspace's Calendar. As an Owner or Admin, you can change the page settings or disconnect it.

There are 3 important factors to note when adding pages to a workspace:

  • Once a page is within a workspace, you can't connect it to the Unassigned Pages folder. Or vice versa.

  • The number of workspaces to create or participate in is unlimited, but not the number of pages. Originally, when subscribing to a particular plan, you were given a specific number of pages to connect to your PromoRepublic account. It means that a newly added page to a workspace decreases the total page limit. For example, within the Agency plan, you can add 29 social pages. If you add one page to a workspace, there will be 28 pages left to add.

  • If you participate in a workspace as a member or an admin, pages within there are counted as yours, so you can't connect more.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your Success Manager or Support team at [email protected].

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