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Mastering Post Creation: Editing, Drafting, and Duplicating
Mastering Post Creation: Editing, Drafting, and Duplicating

How can I create a draft post?

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Edit a post

To edit a scheduled post, find it in the Calendar and click on it. There you will see the Edit button, go ahead and hit it.

It'll be opened in the post editor form where you can choose to:

  • Edit the image;

  • Change the day and time;

  • Save or download the visual;

  • Remove or publish the post straight away;

  • Add this post to queue;

  • For Instagram Business, you can add the first comment.

But unfortunately, there is no way to add other social pages to this post - there will be no page selection at the top, as shown below. Instead, you can duplicate the post.

Also, note another scenario. You've scheduled a post to several pages, but you need to correct it. The changes will only be applied to one page but not to all of the selected pages. So you'll have to open the rest of the pages on the left in the calendar, find the necessary post and repeat the edits.

Draft a post

You can save posts as drafts before making them visible to the rest of the members in your location. To draft a post, first, you have to create it. You can start the post creation the way you prefer, for example, with the Create Post button at the top. Once the visual and the caption are ready, click the Save As Draft button in the Post Editor.

Next, you'll be prompted to select a date and time, but, be sure, it will be neither published nor visible to users with the client role (for enterprises, the name of the role can differ).

The post will be marked yellow in the calendar.

You can edit and reschedule a draft, just like a regular post clicking on the Edit button.

Choose the necessary action in the post editor when corrections are made.

Users with the Client role in the location don't see draft posts and comments to them. Also, clients will not receive any notifications about activities on these posts. 

Users with the Admin and Member roles will receive notifications about all actions on drafts the same way as it works for regular post commenting.

Duplicate a post

You might need this when you want to do the same post on the other page, but the post is in the scheduled status, it is not yet published. Due to the peculiarities of our platform, you can't add a page to a scheduled, not yet published, post. This function is disabled.

Tap the post that you want a copy of, tap the More button, and you'll see Duplicate.

When you hit Duplicate, the Post Editor opens with the same caption, including any attached assets, boosting settings, suggest settings, and repeated post preset ready to edit for other profiles or networks.

Please note that the duplicate post will contain the originally selected page (from which you're making the copy), so you need to deselect it and tap the page to which you want to schedule the copy.

Important notes:

  • If there are mentions and dynamic links in the post, they will be copied as text, and then you would need to change them afterwards.

  • Comments and labels are not copied with the Duplicate flow.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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