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Posting to Google Business Profile
Posting to Google Business Profile

Updates, Offers, Events, CTAs

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The Google Business Profile is a useful tool for your physical business network. It helps increase your business's visibility on Google Search and Google Maps. With this tool, your customers can easily find your business location, read and share reviews, and find important information such as your phone number, website, and working hours. Best of all, using the Google Business Profile is completely free and easy to set up.

How to get started with posting on Google Business Profile through our platform? It is easy! First of all, connect your Google Business Profile to PromoRepublic.

IMPORTANT: Only verified locations can be connected to PromoRepublic.

Read how to create and verify your business location on Google. According to Google Business Profile API, there is a limitation - a business with over 10 locations cannot use the post feature through third-party tools like PromoRepublic.

After you connect the page, feel free to start the post creation. Google Posts are a simple and effective way to showcase your offers, marketing messages, seasonal content, and other timely information to consumers beyond the standard profile, images, and reviews. They're a valuable promotional tool.

One of the key benefits of Google posts is the one-click path they provide to a specific page on your site, making it easier for potential customers to take action. With posts you can drive traffic to your preferred content on your website.

In PromoRepublic, you can create and publish such post types as:

  • Updates - Share general information about your business, including a photo or video, a description, and an action button

  • Offers - Promote special sales or discounts from your business

  • Events - Spread the word about an upcoming event at your business

By posting to Google Business Profile, you're standing out and giving your business more flexibility in connecting with your customers. The fact that posts appear almost immediately in search results provides an almost real-time feed of your brand, which is incredibly powerful.

Add a CTA

Do you want to add CTAs to your posts? No problem! Here's what you need to do.

1. When the necessary Google Business profiles are selected, below you'll see a new line with the Add Button option.

2. Click it and select one of the post types: Update, Offer, or Event.

3. Fill in the required fields and add any additional information you want, such as using dynamic fields in your link.

4. Save the changes and add more information to your post, such as images and text.

Your post with a CTA is now ready to be published or scheduled.

Be careful with the timesheet. For example, if you select March 1st for your Event but schedule the post for March 3rd, we can’t start displaying your post on time on the GBP side.

Be attentive to the details: all your links, times, and additional information should be entered correctly. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee that your CTA post displays correctly.

Notice. Google Business Profile works a little differently than other social networks - your posts expire after 1 week and will no longer appear in Google’s search results.

Content requirements

For Google Business Profile posts the best image size has a 4:3 image ratio. In the dimensions below, the first number is the width, and the second number is the height. (All measurements are in pixels, not inches.)

  • Default Size – 720 x 540

  • Maximum Size – 2120 x 1192

  • Minimum Size – 250 x 250

  • Aspect Ratio – 4:3

File sizes and types for Google Business Profile posts:

  • Minimum File Size – 10kb

  • Maximum File Size – 5mb

  • File Type – JPG, PNG, BMP

In addition, you can check Google Business Profile Help Center.

Common reasons for the failed posts to GBP

You may encounter some failed posts marked red in the platform's interface, particularly in the calendar. Due to the system's specifics, we don't display the reason why the post wasn't published; instead, we can find it on our end.

Content violations: Posts must adhere to GMB's content policies, which prohibit offensive language, hate speech, misinformation, illegal activities, and discriminatory content.

Hotels can’t create “offer” posts or any post suggesting the existence of or linking to deals, promotions, special offers, or discounts. This ensures that customers don’t get confused about where to navigate on the hotel placesheet to find organic and ad prices from partners.

  • Low-quality images or videos: Blurry, pixelated, or irrelevant images/videos can be rejected. Choose clear, relevant visuals that enhance your post.

  • Misleading or inaccurate information: Posts containing false or misleading information about your business or its offerings will not be approved. Instead, be relevant and informative. Focus on providing valuable content for your audience.

  • Inappropriate or irrelevant content: Posts that are not relevant to your business or target audience might be flagged. Keep promotional content to a minimum and avoid spammy tactics.

Superimposed text or graphics, including promotional content such as logos, are subject to the following requirements:

  • For 360 photos, superimposed content must be limited to either the zenith or nadir (top or bottom 25% of the equirectangular image), but cannot be present in both.

  • For traditional digital photos and videos, superimposed content cannot take up more than 10% of the image or video, and must be limited to a single edge.

  • Superimposed text or graphics must be relevant.

  • Distracting superimposed text or graphics are not permitted.

Other Factors:

  • Duplicate content: Posting the same content repeatedly, even with minor variations, can be seen as spam.

  • Excessive formatting: Posts with excessive formatting or symbols can be flagged as suspicious.

  • Restricted categories: Certain business categories might have additional restrictions on post content.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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