Consistency is a key for your Social Media strategy, which requires a balanced flow of both promotional and general posts to build your brand. One of the ways to achieve it is to post the same content to several social platforms. PromoRepublic has you covered! The update is that now you can see the same posts made to several social media platforms.

How do I activate Single Calendar View?

In the left side bar select the necessary pages moving cursor down. You'll see the check boxes, just tick them as shown below.

Please note that one page in the list is selected by default. Also, pay your attention that you can pick maximum 10 pages at a time to view the posts. When trying to click on the 11th, you'll be prompted with a message: 'You can only view posts from 10 pages at a time'. 

Once you activated Single Calendar View, some of the Calendar functionality gets disabled, such as:

  • Time Slots Settings
  • Upcoming Events
  • Monthly View
  • Export Posts
  • Add Note

If you hover over any of the mentioned above, you'll be prompted with a message: 'Not available because multiple pages are selected'.

What do I see when Single Calendar View is active?

  • All types of posts: published, scheduled, repeating, proposed for approval*; 
  • Drafts 
  • Notes 
  • Time slots

*Available on agency platform plans.

Don't worry if you don't see them! Time slots are disabled automatically when you activate the mode, but you can enable them clicking on the Calendar Options icon (explanation below).

Every post includes avatar picture of the page which this post belongs to.

You might have noticed three dots in the top right corner under your profile picture.

These are Calendar options clicking which will list:

  • Export Schedule
  • Show Time Slots

Though Export Schedule is disabled when Single Calendar View is activated. 

The Show Time Slots switcher is pretty self explanatory: you can hide or show time slots.

If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected].

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