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By Single Calendar View, we mean representing the posts in the calendar not per page but for several selected pages (up to 10 pages).

How do I activate Single Calendar View?

In the left sidebar, select several pages, moving the cursor down the checkboxes.

You can pick a maximum of 10 pages at a time to view the posts. When trying to click on the 11th, you'll be prompted with an appropriate message.

Once you activate Single Calendar View, some of the Calendar functionality gets disabled, such as:

  • Time Slots Settings;

  • Upcoming Events;

  • Monthly View;

  • Add a Note.

What do I see when Single Calendar View is active?

  • All types of posts: published, scheduled, repeating, proposed for approval; 

  • Drafts;

  • Notes;

  • Time slots*.

*If you don't want to see the empty time slots, you can deactivate this option.

Every post includes an avatar picture of the page that this post belongs to.

Note that several page selection defaults back to the one-page view after you click on any other section in the platform. Unfortunately, the chosen pages do not freeze.

If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected].

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