Post localization means the ability to add attributes to the post. When publishing a post these attributes will be dynamically filled out, for example, working hours, website, physical location, etc.

This feature is available only on white label platforms and Franchise solutions.   

If you want to take advantage of this feature, reach out to your personal Success Manager.

How does this work?

To fill out these dynamic fields, navigate to the workspace settings, where you fill in the necessary attributes, for example, company website and working hours.

Workspace owner, admins, and clients can edit and save this information, but participants with the Member role can't do it. The set of permissions can be discussed and changed for franchise customers.

Per your request, other or more dynamic fields can be added, edited, or deleted by our engineers in your white label configuration. Key names that you can see in the text box when filling them out are the names of the fields in lowercase letters with underscores.

Use attributes when creating a post

If this feature was enabled for you, you'll see the localization attributes icon near the Emoji icon when trying to schedule a post.

Upon clicking on the necessary attribute, its key will be pasted in the text box. Key names that you can see in the text are the field names in lowercase letters with underscores.

When the post is scheduled every localization attribute will be represented with the attribute data that was set up in the workspace settings.

In My Ideas the post attributes won’t be represented with the data and will remain as keys in the text.

Warning: Don't Have Attributes

You may receive such a pop-up error if you selected pages that are contained in such workspaces where Localization Attributes are not set up when trying to schedule a post.

In this message you can see what fields are not filled out and in what workspaces.

For each workspace you can:

  • Set attributes - In the pop-up window, you can add the necessary info and proceed with the post scheduling.

  • Deselect workspace pages - If you want to edit the workspace settings later, you can exclude the pages that are contained in this workspace.

Note that localization attributes can't be applied to the pages that are stored in Unassigned Pages. So don't select them along with the pages from the workspace when scheduling a post.

If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected].

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