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An easy way to filter and find your social pages when posting

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Do you manage Social Media for many clients? Then you may have many locations. With custom tags, it'll be easier to group and filter them by a specific label when scheduling content, saving it to My Ideas or Uploads in the Graphics Editor. It can serve as a filter.

To add a tag to a certain location, go to its settings, find the Tags sub-section, type in the text, hit Enter on your keyboard, and it'll be automatically saved and attached ot this location.ย 

Also, you can select one of the existing tags that were created for other locations where you are a member.

Now we'll tell you how you can better utilize it.

Schedule a post

When scheduling a post, in the post editor, hit on the small arrow sign next to the connected pages.

In this step, you have several options on how to find the necessary pages or locations: either type in its name in the search bar or tick/untick the social media platform(s) (for example, you might want to schedule this post to Facebook pages or groups only, etc., or tap Filter.

It will bring a pop-up where you can type in the tag name or/and select country, city, and state. Those are the fields from the Address section in the location settings.

Having selected the necessary filters, the pages and locations will upload, so feel free to proceed with the posting.

Save the image in the Graphics Editor

Another way to use the tag and filter functionality is to save a specific image that is contained in one location to another. To do that, find the Uploads section in the Graphics Editor, hover oven the picture, click on the gear icon on the visual, type in the tag name, and select the necessary location.

Tapping Filter will bring up the same window as guided above.

Save to My Ideas

Also, you can use location tags when saving posts to My Ideas.

It will bring up the same window. Click on Filter, type in the tag name, then Apply and Save.

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