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Overview of Social Media Calendar: time zones, notes, upcoming events
Overview of Social Media Calendar: time zones, notes, upcoming events

Change a time zone, create a note, use an event

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This short guide is about changing the country and the time zone of the connected pages, creating an internal note and using a known date as an info motive.

Change a time zone

When connecting a page for the first time, this step is included, but in case you miss it, don't worry it's easy to change it. This minor nuance is essential because posts will be published according to the selected time zone, but not the one where you are located.

In the calendar, hover the cursor over the necessary page and tap the small gear icon beside the name.

It'll bring up a pop-up window where you can change the time zone and the country if needed.

Don't forget to save the changes.

You can also do this in the location settings where the page is contained in. Click on the top right corner, then tap the gear icon beside the name of the necessary location.

There, find Actions near the page name and select Settings. It'll lead you to the same view as shown above.

Create an internal note

In the PromoRepublic Calendar, you can create notes. It may come in handy in order not to forget a special event or offer or simply anything important for you not to miss on a certain day. To create a note, hover the cursor over the necessary day, tap create, and then New note.

When you press on it, you can leave a note for that specific day. You can always save, cancel or delete it.

It's also a useful tool for team members. The person who creates the note has ultimate control over what can be edited or deleted, but both members can leave notes for each other. This is especially helpful when monthly content plans are being created, and they are working on it at different times.

Upcoming Events

You can also check the Upcoming Events in the calendar. You may want to make a note about a special holiday or event for your business on Social Media, but it's not until next week. With the note tab, you can easily remind yourself of this event.

Similar to the Post Ideas Library, there is an additional source of content located in the Calendar. The Upcoming Events tab in the Calendar is meant to give you ideas and inspiration for future postings.
Upcoming Events include US holidays, historical dates, hot trends, special occasions, and other well-known events that will attract your audience. The source is located beside the My Content tab in the top left corner.

Each day has various ideas to offer, some of them are purely ideas, and some contain images, thus making them ready to go.

So, when you click on a particular event in the Calendar, you either need to write something or create a visual with our graphics editor. Clicking Add Post will direct you to the post editor form.

Please note that these are just recommendations for you, so these are not scheduled posts. It's up to you to decide if an upcoming event is relevant for your page. If it is, don't hesitate to choose such a visual! Feel free to customize, schedule, or publish the post right away.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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