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This article will help if your Instagram business page isn't listed in PromoRepublic or when posts fail to be published due to a permission error.

Check, if all the necessary conditions are met

πŸ”΄ Instagram page must be a Professional account, not Creator.

How to identify what type of account you currently have?

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device

  2. Click on your avatar picture at the bottom

  3. Click on the triple bar symbol in the top right-hand corner

  4. In the listed menu select Settings

  5. Tap Account

  6. Scroll down to the bottom and click Switch Account type.

You should see two options - Switch to personal account and Switch to creator account.

If you see anything different, it means that your account is either creator or personal. In order to convert it to the professional type click on the appropriate option.

Once switched, retry connecting the page or reposting a failed post in Promorepublic.

πŸ”΄ Instagram page must be linked to a specific Facebook business page where you're an admin.

To get to the settings follow this link or the steps below.

1. Open on your computer, and switch to the mode of the necessary page by clicking on the top right-hand corner. Or click on the blue text 'See all profiles' to find the necessary one.

2. Then click Settings and Privacy.

3. One more time.

4. On the left side menu find Linked Accounts.

Click on the blue Connect button. Please note further in the process the system will require login credentials to the desired Instagram account.

Once the pages are linked together retry to connect it to PromoRepublic.

πŸ”΄ You must be an admin on the Facebook business page that is linked to this page.

1. In order to check if you do have full admin rights on the Facebook page, open its settings as guided above or follow this link.

2. On the left side menu tap New Pages Experience.

3. The first thing you should see on the top left menu is Page Access.

There you will see yourself listed there, hopefully. There are 3 ways to get access to a Facebook business page. Most probably, you will see something similar to the picture below.

Click on the person's name and you should see that he/she has full control.

If you got access through a meta account, navigate there and make sure that you have full access. It should say Business Admin.

Clicking on Business Settings it will open the People section where you can see if you have full control.

πŸ”΄ If the issue persists, Facebook recommends enabling two-factor authentication as guided here.

If you had to apply any of these steps listed, you would need to reset the token and, after that, retry connecting the necessary page. You should be able to see your Instagram page listed in the permission pop-up.

If you don't, so it means that our system still doesn't detect that you do have access to the necessary page.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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