This article will help if your Instagram business page isn't listed in PromoRepublic or when posts fail to be published due to the permission error.

Check, if all the necessary conditions are met

🔴 Instagram page must be a Professional account, NOT Creator. You can see this in the Instagram mobile app or desktop. If you see personal and creator options, it means the Instagram account is correctly set as Business. If not, switch to a professional account.

Once switched, retry connecting the page in Promorepublic.

🔴 Instagram page must be linked with a certain Facebook business page where you're an admin or editor.

Open the settings of this Facebook business page.

Next, find Page Roles on the left-hand side. Make sure that your role is Editor or Admin. If you have any other role, then you will not be able to authorize the connection.

🔴 On the left-side menu scroll down a bit and find the Instagram section. If you see a Review Account Connection button on this page, you have to review the connection.

Tapping the button will open a couple of steps and on the final one, you might see that the button is not clickable. If so, pay attention t the reason why. If it is not grayed out and the final notice is 'Connection confirmed', it means that you fixed the problem.

🔴 If the issue persists, Facebook recommends enabling two-factor authentication as guided here.

If it turned out that you don't have editor or admin right (but now you do) or you had to review the connection (and it was successful), you have to reset the token - reauthorize SocialPost as instructed in this article.

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