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To create a new post from the camera roll in the mobile app follow the tips below.

1. Tap the plus icon at the bottom middle of your screen.

2. Select the social media channel you want to publish the post to by clicking the plus sign at the bottom.

If you'd like to schedule it to multiple channels, tick the necessary pages and tap Confirm.

3. Type the caption and add a media attachment by tapping the image icon at the bottom left. Select a photo or a video.

Note: You can't select multiple images and post videos on an Android device. It is possible on iOS.

4. Once your piece of content is ready, tap the Clock sign at the bottom of your screen to schedule it in advance or publish the post now.

Note that the Clock sign will be grayed out till you select the social page.

5. Choose a publishing method:

  • None

  • Custom

  • Add to Queue

None means publishing the post right away. Tap Save and Publish.

Custom will enable you to choose a future date and time. Once it is scheduled, you'll see the confirmation pop-up and the post itself in the Scheduled tab on the top.

Add to Queue means adding the post to the pre-set schedule. You can read about the queue here. The post will take the nearest available time slot in the pre-set time slot schedule.

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