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Time Slots Setup

What does Add to Queue mean?

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What is a Time Slot?

Before we dive into details, let's first find out first what a time slot is. It is a suggestion of what and when to post, but it is not an actual post. It is a slot with a defined time and content type such as follows:

  • Blog Posts

  • Educational

  • Engaging

  • Motivational&Fun

  • Promotional

  • Other

What does Add to Queue mean?

Adding a post to queue means scheduling it according to the content plan schedule previously set up either by you or by our proprietary AI tool called Autopilot. Respectively, the queue can be customized or automatic. Queue operates with time slots. You may have noticed the Time Slots Settings in the Calendar.

Clicking this button or the gear icon next to the page name, you'll be redirected to the page settings. It is here where you can customise the content plan schedule or choose the suggested one.

Customized Schedule

Hit on Edit Content Plan to create your own type of schedule as shown below.

Next, you'll see the schedule with some slots listed already.

To customize the scheme, click on any Add Slot button and you'll get directed to the time slots settings, where you can choose:

  • Quantity of days: either 7 or just one;

  • Types of content to post on a particular day;

  • How many posts to publish on the selected days;

  • Accurate time in each time slot.

In the Content type and Time to post drop-down menu, you can choose the type of content and time of a certain slot.

Duplicating this slot to other days means that, for example, Motivational&Fun piece of content is planned on 12:00 am on the days chosen.

If you wish to clear the slots, there is an appropriate button, but please note that you need to have at least one slot turned on. Otherwise, you won't be able to save the schedule empty - the button will be greyed out.

Once you finished tuning the timetable, it will be shown in the Calendar.

If your subscription plan includes this feature, you can create Custom time slots as instructed in this guide.

To schedule a post to this pre-set queue, click on Add to Queue when the post is ready. Then it will take the nearest available slot.

Automatic Schedule

The beauty of the automatic schedule is that you entrust your page to our proprietary AI tool that analyzes your page audience's peak engagement and suggests you the best time options for posting your fabulous content to keep them even more engaged. This is what we call Autopilot.
To turn it on, just hit Activate Autopilot as pictured below.

Unlike the customized mode that is described above, you cannot change the time. You can only add or exclude some days of the week.ย 

How to schedule a post to a time slot or add to queue?

When scheduling a post to a certain Time Slot, you'll get content suggestions, depending on your subscription plan and business solution (for example, Franchise won't see them).

Hit the blue New Post button, which signifies the best time to post and the most relevant content type to share at the selected time.

Next, you can choose one of the suggested templates, pick a different one or create your own visual.

If you ever want to turn Autopilot off, click on the Edit Content Plan button to activate customized schedule.

To ensure you didn't do it by mistake, you will be prompted with the following pop-up message.

Regardless of the mode, to schedule a post to this pre-set queue, click on Add to Queue when the post is ready. And the post will take the nearest available slot.

No matter what schedule is running on a certain page, you will see the Time Slots in the Calendar. The advantage of this layout is that you don't need to remember the dates and simply plan a post to a particular Time Slot.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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