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How can I use Brands to manage my assets?

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This functionality is available for Enterprise clients.

Most resellers and brands can benefit from brand functionality. However, we’ve put together a few points that might help understand the value of brands.

  • You'll have the ability to hide certain assets from specific users

  • You'll be able to share a set of assets with specific users

  • You'll be able to share the same asset with distinctly different groups of users

How to assign Brands to locations?

You can access the brand functionality in the internal admin panel settings. Once the brands are created, you can tag specific locations by brand.

To show correct assets, the location owner should assign Brands visible to users. It should be done via location settings but can also be automated via SSO. To assign the Brands to the user:

  • Choose the location you would like to add brands to and navigate to its settings.

  • Add necessary brands to the Brand section.

There are no limitations on the number of Brands that can be assigned to the location. Only location owners can assign brands.

Please note that to make this happen, first, you must assign the brand to the necessary assets in the content hub settings (internal admin panel of the content).

We hope it was helpful.

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