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Bulk Verification Guide for Google Business Profile
Bulk Verification Guide for Google Business Profile

What to expect and watch out for during the process

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Bulk verification on Google Business Profile (GBP) enables companies with 10+ locations to manage and verify their locations in bulk, bypassing the one-by-one verification process. Once a business is bulk-verified, its new locations are also eligible for immediate verification, provided others do not already verify the locations.

This article aims to clarify the process and requirements of the Google Business Profile bulk verification process.

1. Set up Location Group

Before requesting bulk verification, the location group must contain all locations that you manage.

2. Initiate Bulk Verification Process

Once the location group is set up, the business can request bulk verification using the primary owner email of the location group. See this article for a visualized step-by-step.

Important note on Primary Owner Email:

The primary owner email is the email set as the primary owner of the location group.

  • This would be an email ending in the company domain rather than a Gmail. This may expedite the process as Google support can immediately recognize that as the same as the business website. It is not a mandatory requirement, however.

  • The email should not be an employee's email. This is to avoid losing credentials to the email if the employee leaves the company.

3. Confirm Affiliation With Company Representative

Depending on Google support’s preference, this step can sometimes be after step 4.

During this step, Google support must ensure the bulk verification request is coming from the business itself. They will verify this using the domain of the company website. Google support will request an email address ending in the business's website domain. The one that can reply to Google support's email to confirm it represents the business.

For example, if the company website is, an email ending in is required.

4. Correct Data According to Google Support's Requirements

Google support will review the business's eligibility and the business's website and cross-check it with the data in the location group. They will inform the business to have the data corrected if there is any issue or concern.

Known checks and requirements by Google:

Requirements may vary depending on Google support that will take on the bulk verification case.

  • Matching Number Of Locations on Business Website:
    All locations should be listed on the business's official website and match those in the location group submitted for bulk verification. Google support uses the website to cross-check the data in GBP.

  • Business Name:
    Capitalize appropriately. Make sure the business name reflects the same capitalization as in real life. Your business name should be represented exactly as it is in the real world. Do not include any additional information about the business, such as its speciality or store code.

  • Websites:
    Websites of all locations should use the same domain name. If different brands/websites, a clear explanation among the connections of businesses is required. Google also prefers URLs that go directly to the business listed, rather than redirects.

  • Phone:
    Phone numbers are required for each location. You can use a local phone number instead of a call center number whenever possible. If your location is unmanned and therefore does not have a phone number, explain this to Google support.

  • Provide storefront pictures of all/some locations:
    If the business is not a well-known brand or if Google support doubts whether it exists physically, they may request storefront pictures as proof.

  • Store locator of the official website:
    The store locator must reflect all the locations in the location group with the same information. This is a major reference point Google support uses to check the data in the account.

For more info on representing your business on Google, refer to this article.

5. Bulk Verification Completed

Once all issues in the location group are fixed, you can confirm with the business representative. Google support will escalate the bulk verification request to their technical team to have the account bulk-verified. The support may or may not mention this step as this is their internal procedure.

Once Google's technical team has completed their check and verified the email address, a confirmation email will be sent to confirm that the bulk verification is complete.

Estimated Time Required

The process typically takes around 8-12 weeks. The timeframe varies depending mainly on Google support's responsiveness and the data quality.

Stay verified

Google can de-verify the account if the bulk-verification status gets abused.

For example, if a high number of locations is added at once. Upon requesting a bulk-verified status, Google reviews the number of locations in the location group. New locations can be added at any time. However, the status will be blocked if 100 locations are added simultaneously.

Tip: in case of a blocked Bulk-verification status, please reach out to Google to raise the limit of locations in the location group.

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