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Facebook Metric Deprecation in March 2024
Facebook Metric Deprecation in March 2024
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Facebook Deprecating Page-Level Metrics: What You Need to Know

Facebook has announced that it will be deprecating several page-level metrics from its API for partners and native reporting starting March 14, 2024. This decision is part of Facebook's transition to the New Pages Experience, which aims to provide better metrics and insights for page owners and marketers. The move will streamline management and improve interaction capabilities for businesses and public figures.

Metrics Being Deprecated

The following metrics will be deprecated by Facebook in order to improve the relevance and accuracy of Page analytics.

  • Audience by Age

  • Audience by Gender

  • Audience by Top Cities

  • Audience by Top Countries

  • Shares

  • Reactions

  • Comments

Impact on PromoRepublic Users

For users of PromoRepublic, a social media marketing platform that integrates with Facebook's API, these changes will specifically affect the Audience tab within the Facebook Pages Reports and Dashboards. Starting March 14, 2024, the above metrics will no longer be available, altering how demographic insights and engagement data are reported and analyzed.

Adjustments and Replacements

Despite deprecating specific metrics, Facebook is leaving businesses with alternatives. Key adjustments include:

  • Total Engagement: This metric will be expanded to incorporate more types of engagement, potentially leading to a slight increase in reported engagement figures.

  • Audience Metrics: Audience insights will shift from follower-based demographics to impression-based measurements. This change is intended to provide a more accurate representation of the audience engaging with content, as opposed to merely those who follow the Page.

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