Bulk Upload of Assets

Massive upload of posts to the Asset Manager

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As the white label owner, you have the ability to manage the post ideas in the Content Hub settings. This feature allows you to keep your content distribution consistent and control who has access to it. Click on the top right corner to see the Content Hub settings.

In the Templates section, you can do plenty of things, such as create new templates from scratch or upload them in bulk.ย Bulk upload helps you to upload multiple files at once. Your files need to be accompanied by a CSV file, with your file title, caption, tags, and countries for which this asset is available.

Here is a typical flow on how to upload posts in bulk to the asset manager.

  1. Open Content Hub Setting.

  2. In the Templates section, click on the blue Bulk Upload button at the top

  3. Select the images to upload.

  4. Upload the CSV with the information on the assets. We recommend a maximum of 100 lines/uploaded media files included within one CSV file.

  • CSV file should include the file name, title (optional), text, tags separated by commas (optional), country separated by commas (optional)

  • Countries should be added as a country code.

  • Here is a CSV file as an Example for your reference

5. Select Category, Industry, Labels.

6. Set the expiration time frame if needed, as explained in detail further in this article.

7. Check the box as Actie and click Next.

Important notes:

  • If you upload new assets, the previously uploaded assets will be replaced.

  • If you don't have access to upload assets to these countries, check the asset's preview to see the assets with errors. The assets containing an error will not be saved.

  • The maximum file size must be less than 15MB.

How do you set timeframes for assets?

You can set availability and expiration dates on the posts to control their use. You can also pause assets with time frames to immediately make them unavailable. Unpausing restores the asset's previous availability time frame.

All Content Hub admins can view time frame restrictions on assets in the content library for all team members. The time frames respect the time zone of the pages connected by the user. When an asset is unavailable, it is not visible to the users in Post Ideas.

๐Ÿ“ Please note:

  • You can only schedule assets for publication during their available time frame.

  • Deleting an asset from the Content Hub and Post Ideas does not delete it from any scheduled posts, nor does it prevent it from being published if it is already scheduled.

How do you set or pause the time frame on an asset?

  • In the Templates Section, select the asset you want to edit or create a new asset.

  • Set the time frame for one asset - Select Set a Time frame, and then select an Available and/or an Expiration date for the asset

  • Pause an asset time frame - Select Pause Availability to make an asset unavailable.

  • Select Save Changes.

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