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Shared Access for Ad Insights
Shared Access for Ad Insights
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Shared Ads Account Setup Guide

  • Creating a shared ads account within a platform can streamline the advertising process for teams, allowing multiple users to access analytics and manage content.

  • The setup process for shared ads accounts is specific and can only be completed by PromoRepublic platform administrators. Here's a short guide on how to set up a shared ads account.

Step 1: Contact Customer Success

  • Initiation: Users who wish to share their connected ads accounts with other team members must start by contacting their Customer Success Manager at PromoRepublic. Such a request cannot be initiated directly by users through the platform.

Step 2: Provide Necessary Information

  • Required Details: When requesting account sharing, you'll need to provide specific information to your CSM:

    • The ad accounts are already connected to the platform.

    • The user ID of the person who initially connected the ads account.

    • The user IDs and account names (or specify "all") need access to the shared accounts.

Step 3: Usage and Limitations

  • Analytics and Actions: Shared users can see ad analytics and engage in content-related actions. They can add additional tags and update countries in the ads account sections.

  • Permissions: Shared users cannot delete the ad accounts for everyone; they can only remove their access. Administrators have the privilege of completely deleting ad accounts from the platform, ensuring no user can access the data.

  • Admin Privileges: Only administrators have full permission to delete ad accounts entirely from the platform. This ensures that sensitive actions, such as removing access to crucial advertising data, are controlled and prevent accidental data loss.

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