Once you finished customizing your piece of content you might want to schedule it instead of publishing it right away.

There are 3 options for planning your content in PromoRepublic:

  1. Schedule it for a specific time;
  2. Add it to queue, by scheduling it in advance under the timetable you previously set up;
  3. Add it to a particular time slot.


There may be a slight difference in the the flow depending on where you start.

  1. If you pick a template from the Post Ideas library or if you create a post from scratch via Create Post or Editor then click on 'Schedule', a mini calendar will pop up in your window. Here you can choose the most convenient time and date for your post.

(As shown below)

2. If you start directly from your Calendar and click on the 'Create' and 'New Post' buttons, the pre-posting page will look slightly different.

The text on top will notify you about the day and time the post is supposed to go live. If you miss it and hit 'Schedule', another pop-up will appear (as shown below) not giving you any possibility to choose the right time.

In order to assign the day and time click the day and time data as shown here:

A mini calendar will pop up in your window, so you can choose the right time. (Pictured above)

Add to Queue

Adding a post to queue means adding it to the timetable previously set up either by you or by our proprietary AI tool called Autopilot. 

Should you choose a template in the Post Ideas library, hit 'Create' and 'New Post' buttons in the Calendar. From there click on 'Create a post from scratch' or 'Repost' a piece of content from the Statistics section. Go ahead and click 'Add To Queue' and the post will take the nearest available slot.

Before getting to this option, make sure that your schedule is fine-tuned. Please refer to the articles that explain what the Time Slots Settings are and how you can better utilize our Smart Posting tool.

Add Post to a Time Slot

Adding a post to a time slot means scheduling it for a particular day and time in the timetable previously set up either by you or Autopilot. Please refer to the article that explains what the Time Slots are.

One of the frequently asked questions is if there is a possibility to create a draft post in the Calendar without scheduling it. We have acknowledged this feature as something that would help you in your social media routine. If you are one of those users that lack specifically this option in PromoRepublic, please let us know!

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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