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How Can I Schedule A Post?
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Once you have finished customizing your piece of content, you might want to schedule it instead of publishing it right away. There are 3 ways how to schedule a post:

  1. Schedule it on a specific day and time;

  2. Add it to queue;

  3. Schedule it to a particular time slot.

Schedule on a specific day and time

There may be a slight difference in the flow depending on where you start.

1. If you pick a template from Post Ideas or create a post from scratch, click the Schedule button. The mini calendar will pop up, where you choose the day and time.

2. If you click on New Post in the Calendar, the post editor page will look slightly different.

The text on top will notify you about the day and time the post is supposed to go live. If you miss it and hit Schedule, a mini calendar will not pop up and won't be able to choose time and date.

To avoid this, click on the suggested date and pick the right time.

Add to queue

Adding a post to queue means scheduling it according to the timetable previously set up either by you or by our proprietary AI tool called Autopilot. Respectively, the queue can be manual or automatic.

Clicking the Add To Queue button, the post will take the nearest available time slot.

Queue operates with time slots. Make sure that your schedule is fine-tuned, as explained below.

Add a post to a Time Slot

Before we dive into details, let's first find out first what a time slot is. It is a suggestion of what and when to post, but it is not an actual post. It is a slot with a defined time and content type such as follows:

  • Blog Posts

  • Educational

  • Engaging

  • Motivational&Fun

  • Promotional

  • Other

As mentioned above, the queue operates with time slots. You may have noticed the Time Slots Settings in the Calendar. Clicking this button or the gear icon next to the page name, you'll be redirected to the page settings. It is here where you create a customized content plan schedule or activate a suggested one. Head over to this article to learn more about the queue setup.

To schedule a post to one of the time slots, click on the blue New Post button in the calendar.

Next, you can choose one of the suggested templates, or pick a different one in Post Ideas or create your own visual.

Depending on your subscription plan and platform version (for example, franchisee), the content suggestions may be disabled.

Regardless of the button you click in this modal, the result will be the same - you'll be directed to the post editor form where:

  • The day and time of the post will be highlighted;

  • There'll be only one option - 'Schedule'', but no 'Publish Now' and 'Add To Queue', because, according to the login behind, you're scheduling the post to a specific time slot.

Drag and drop

To re-schedule a post feel free to use a drag-and-drop option. The feature is available in both views: Weekly and Monthly.

This way, you can change the day of scheduled not yet published posts, but note that it's impossible to drag and drop an already published post.

So, how does it work?

You can move a scheduled post to a different day. The new post time will be the same as the original one. For example, the original post time is 11:20 AM Monday. When you move it two days in advance, then the post will take 11:20 AM Wednesday.

You can move a scheduled post to a different time slot. This way the new post time and type will change according to the new time slot. For example, the original time slot is Promotional 5:24 PM. When you move it to Engaging 3:40 PM then it will no longer be Promotional 5:24 PM.

Single Calendar view

When multiple pages are selected, you can't move a post from one page to another. You can move a post to the time slots which page is selected. For example, two Facebook and one Instagram page are selected. It means you can move a post to the time slots of this page. You can't move a post to either another Facebook or Instagram page. The rest of the time slots will be disabled.

What about the past days? If you are dealing with a suggested post, you'll see such a message when moving it to the past days:

"You have moved the post to a date that has already passed. Do you want to approve and publish it now?".

If you approve it, it'll be published right away. If you cancel, the post will stay as it is.

NOTE: You can't drag and drop repeating posts.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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