Prior to connecting a Facebook group to your PromoRepublic dashboard:

  • ¬†Check what Facebook personal profile has Editor or Admin role in the group. Such a profile must be authorized in the same browser at to set the bond;
  • Install SocialPost app inside the group settings as instructed below.

Also, please note:

- You can add only pages that you manage, but not the ones that you participate it;

- SocialPost app must be installed in every group that you want to add.

Follow the guide below to connect your Facebook Group. 

1. Go to the Calendar, hit Connect More or the plus icon in the left-side bar and select Facebook.

2. Choose the necessary group in the drop-down menu and click Connect.

3. Next authorize PromoRepubic, by clicking the appropriate button.

4. It will redirect you to the group settings, where you are to hit Add and finish with Done.

5. Go back to your PromoRepublic dashboard and click on Close.

That's it! Your Facebook group is now listed on the left in the Calendar.

Here is a video tutorial to demonstrate the instructions given above.

In case you don't see the necessary group name in the menu, head over to this guide.

If you have any further questions, please reach us at [email protected].

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