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Posting to Pinterest

Guide about connecting Pinterest boards and adding links to posts

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Pinterest is a visual-based social platform which goal is to connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting. It allows businesses to engage users with eye-catching and colorful images promoting their services and building brand awareness.

How to connect a Pinterest board?

Note that you can connect boards to PromoRepublic but not the whole Pinterest account.

To connect a Pinterest board, open in the same browser and log into the Pinterest account that contains the necessary boards.

Once you click the Pinterest connection button, it'll ask you to authorize PromoRepublic to post on your behalf. Hit Give Access.

Select the necessary board in the drop-down list or use a search bar and click Connect.

If you wish to add another board, repeat the flow and select the necessary one from the list, as highlighted above. Just note that a new board will be counted as another social page according to the limit provided by your subscription plan.

How to add links to Pinterest posts?

Do you want to lead traffic from your social media directly to your business website? It's easy! Just add a hyperlink to the post.

When creating a Pinterest post in Promorepublic, there emerges an additional box below the caption. Unlike with other social platforms, for Pinterest posts, you need to insert the URL exactly here. If you include a URL in the caption box and leave the lower one empty, the link will not be clickable.

And mind the character limit for the caption - it is 500 characters.

Please note that in Pinterest the image is required. Otherwise, the red camera icon will jump to the right.

Once the post is published, it will look this way on the board: the post image and the URL to the left, the website description and the caption on the right.

If you hover over the visual, the website link will be there, clicking which will direct you to its destination.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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