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Sometimes you may encounter an issue when some buttons are inactive. For instance, when trying to add a Facebook page, the Facebook connection button is greyed out, which is inactive.

Or if you want to schedule a post to Facebook, it won't let you. 

Why does it happen? There can be a lot of reasons to cause it, such as:

  • Browser extensions (ad-blockers);

  • Built-in plugins;

  • Anti-virus program on your PC;

  • VPN service;

  • Your computer cache is overloaded.

The first solution is to turn off such extensions as AdBlocker or change the browser to the non-Chromium-based one. Plain Internet Explorer or Opera will do, but you can also try Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

If the previous step doesn't work, the problem might be in your anti-virus program and/or firewall. Try to disable those and post something via PromoRepublic.

Also, don't forget to clear your current browser and computer cache.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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